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Triple sheeting a bed is not a big mystery. Are you hearing talk about “third sheets” and “triple sheeting” and wondering what this means for you as a guest or how you can do this if you are an Innkeeper?

Triple Sheet Method

The method of “triple sheeting” means making the bed using all regular bed sheets. There are a few combinations you can try: two flat sheets or one fitted sheet and one flat sheet. The two sheet layers are then topped with one warmth layer typically a duvet or quilt. The duvet or quilt are enfolded by the third layer of a single flat sheet on top.

Color is In

The standard color for “triple sheeting” has been white, especially the top sheet. It can be plain white or striped is gaining popularity. White is preferred because it is low maintenance and it assures guests that the bed is fresh and clean.

Recently the use of colored triple sheets, especially the top sheet has started to catch on. In the upscale, trendy Inns one may find triple sheets in various pastel shades of blue, yellow, pink, or green. More companies are stepping up and offering these lovely sheets for purchase. Actil Commercial is one such company that offers many colored and patterned top sheets. The options are endless for making your bed look beautiful, clean, and trendy. With these vogue colors, a guestroom can be customized, brightened, and made to feel homey and warm. A bed scarf in a coordinating color added to the end of the bed can accent the top sheet and pull the entire look together for a very reasonable price.

With triple sheeting all sheets are laundered between visitors, including the top layer, this eliminates the bedspread controversy. Changing all sheets will instill confidence in your guests and reinforce your cleanliness policies that the bed is fresh and clean from top to bottom.

Warm Layer

You may be looking for a suggestion for your warmth layer. When shopping for a warmth layer, you will find that you are faced with a few decisions. What is the best choice for your needs? Most will choose a feather and down duvet insert. While this is a lovely duvet, they do require special care and possibly dry cleaning. Be prepared for this added attention, time, and expense.

If the feather and down duvet is too much for you, you may wonder what alternatives you have to pick from? You are in luck! There are high-quality microfiber boxed end quilts. The high-end quilts or microfiber duvets, as they are sometimes referred to, have a soft and silky touch and durability. The microfiber quilts tend to be lighter than feather duvets but yet are warm and comfortable. One huge benefit is they can be machine washed and dried on-site. These boxed and stitched quilts also tend to fit very well to the bed and fold nicely with the top sheet for triple sheeting.

A bed tastefully put together with triple sheeting and topped off with a colorful bed scarf or throw blanket in a coordinating color at the foot will look trendy and fresh. The addition of a coordinating cushion in “moderation” will also help the bed stand out as the centerpiece of the room.


triple sheeting bedding, bed scarf, cushions

White Triple sheet bedding using a duvet, white sheets, beautiful bed scarf, and modestly placed cushions. Clean and trendy.

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