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Follow these recommendations to staying healthy


Start with the basics of health and wellness

1.Don’t Ignore Jet Lag

If you cross time zones, you may suffer from jet-lag for a couple of days. Check online for lodging that offers rooms that tackle jet-lag. Rooms that provide special lighting, massage, and aromatherapy can also help adjust the sleep pattern. Take time to relax upon arrival to help reset your body’s natural clock. The hospitality industry is recognizing this is an important service, that is popular with the traveling public. Before your arrival check with the B&B or hotel about the amenities they provide to help with jet lag.

2. Get Plenty of Sleep

Sleep and downtime are essential to health and well-being while traveling. The hospitality industry is recognizing this by providing services to help promote relaxation and a refreshing night’s sleep. Many Inns furnish their guests with high-end mattresses and pillows, sound spas to block out any background noise, and turn-down service with a small relaxing drink before retiring. Some Inns and hotels have spa services and can provide relaxation, yoga, and aromatherapy. All will help ensure you have a perfect nights sleep.

3. Eat Well

Eating a well balanced nutritious meal is probably the single most challenging thing to do while traveling. Life on the road is busy; there are tight schedules to meet, flights to catch, poor access to quality food, and traveling with small children makes it even more frustrating to find a restaurant that satisfies everyone. Believe it or not, fast food can be healthy if chosen carefully and not eaten in excess. The key to choosing meal options that avoid trans fats, low in sugar, and high in fiber and protein. Avoid foods that are calorie dense, keeping the entire meal at about 500 calories. See the following Healthy Fast Food Guide for healthy fast food choices.

Next, the essentials of Health and Wellness

We have addressed the basics of health and wellness of traveling; jet-lag conquered, plenty of rest, and good nutrition, including adequate hydration. Now we take a serious look at the pitfalls of why it is easy to brush-off exercise on the road.

To read more about healthy nutrition check this out.

1. Exercise Equipment – Ideas Needed

Lucky for today’s travelers, many Inn owners and Innkeepers are recognizing the need guests have for maintaining their exercise program. Some of the larger Inns and Boutique Hotels will have a room dedicated to fitness, complete with a recumbent bike, treadmill, set of dumbbells, or yoga mats, just to name a few. Some will even add a few smaller items, such as a yoga mat and exercise DVDs or TV streaming in the guest room.

2. Room to Roam

If you are someone who prefers a morning or evening walk or run, you may be in luck. Check the lodging website prior to your arrival. Most Inns can provide you with information about the great lakes and parks, and their prime walking and hiking trails. You can also look into renting a bike, and check out the local scenery during a bike ride. Many Innkeepers will have information about the best sights to see and trails to follow.

3. Choose Local Walking Tours

If it’s a family vacation you’re on, consider guided walking tours through the local attractions. This is not only fun and educational but will provide lots of exercise for the entire family.

4. Local Gym Day-Pass

Consider purchasing a day pass to the local gym for your workouts. Some gyms will even cater to the local hospitality business, by providing discounted rates. It is also worth asking the lodging Innkeeper/owner to see if they provide complimentary gym passes.

Finally, Don’t Forget About You

While you are busy traveling, for work or pleasure, remember to take the time to unwind, enjoy your surroundings, and take care of yourself. Take time out of your busy schedule to sit for 10-15 minutes and practice “not thinking” to help recover from a stressful schedule.

1. Travel Insurance

This is something that many of us may not think about while packing the suitcase. There is medical insurance to consider while you travel, should you become ill. Using medical facilities out of your network, or out of the country can become very costly. There is also insurance that can be purchased to cover your trip expenses should something happen, and you end up canceling your plans. A little insurance can go a long way to assuring peace of mind. Check with your travel agent or your individual medical plan about individual coverage.

2. Pamper Yourself

Give yourself permission to indulge. Check into a Bed & Breakfast or Inn that has a spa, and enjoy a relaxing massage, hot stone treatment, facial, or manicure. These services can be highly relaxing and release tensions caused by long hours of travel.

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