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Trying Homemade Breakfast Recipes at a B&B?

Memories of the warm homemade breakfast recipes from your mother never fade. Almost everyone can think back to being young, waking up to the smell of breakfast cooking. First, you smell the rich aroma of coffee, then perhaps some fresh breakfast bread, and pancakes, biscuits or french toast. Then the delicious, scrumptious smell of bacon or ham. You found it was impossible to stay in bed.


Morning is Second to None

This is what sets a Bed and Breakfast apart from any other lodging – the breakfast.

The breakfast is as individual as the Innkeeper but equally special. One thing is certain, you won’t leave hungry. Typically you will start your meal with the perfect cup of coffee.

Don’t worry if you don’t drink coffee! Chances are your host obtained your preferences the night before, and you have tea or juice waiting for you in the morning.

What’s On the Menu

Next you may have a delicious fruit parfait with cream, this is usually followed by the grand finale. Warm bread and/or the entree. The entree may be sweet or savory! Some Innkeepers take pride in alternating mornings and trying different specialty recipes. One morning may be a sumptuous stuffed french toast or fruit pancakes, and the next morning a delicious quiche loaded with delicate ingredients. Once again your host has most likely obtained any dietary restrictions and your food will be prepared to order. Again, your beverage will be bottomless, your host will attend to your every need.


Many B&Bs arrange guests around a large center table, to allow lively conversation and interaction during the meal. Top B&B’s will also provide for meals delivered directly to your room at no charge. While this seems like a great service, I would recommend dining with other guests. Visitors to B&Bs tend to come from all over the country, as well as from other countries, and conversation can be extremely interesting. Still another option that is becoming increasingly popular is cafe style seat, or a combination, with one center table and tables for two arranged around the larger center table.

Once you choose to stay at a B&B, you will find that your host has pulled out all the stops. The breakfast experience at a B&B or Inn should clearly explain why these establishments are famous for this delicious meal.

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