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Tactical Lighting Information and Review


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LED lighting is the newest innovative lighting choice for camping and traveling. This light source can allow you a great deal of flexibility with lighting a space and since this type provides so much light for the size LEDs offer more flexibility than almost any other light source.

Camping can pose many challenges for adequate light but thanks to the availability of so many exceptional LED lanterns options, the only challenge is in choosing the right sizes, shape, or option available on the market. LED lights and lanterns have even become so stylish they can be added to almost any decor with aesthetic appeal.

I have chosen to focus only on the LED lanterns and lighting. Keep in mind that there are other light sources out there. Some of these will involve light bulbs that need frequent replacing or open flames and fuel. Again, I would emphasize what you decide to use is personal preference. LED lights will give a certain quality of light that some may find intense or not appropriate for situations where softer light is desirable “mood lighting.”

So What Makes LED a Practical Choice?

LED = Light Emitting Diode. Okay, that's simple enough but what is it really? A diode is something that allows a current of energy to pass through in one direction and the LEDs are basically tiny light bulbs that fit into the circuit and light is produced from the stream of electrons. Unlike incandescent light bulbs, LED bulbs do not have a filament that can burn out allowing them to last much longer and they do not get hot. They essentially last as long as a standard transistor.

LED Lanterns Are a Reliable Choice 

When you are camping, hiking, biking, or just a mere power outage you want to know you have a light source that will provide enough light and know it will work when you need it. The LED lights and lanterns have kicked auxiliary lighting into a new realm. LED lights assure that you will see in the dark instead of peering around halos. I would also recommend going for the highly rated lanterns that provide quality and durability. These lamps have excellent reviews and will ensure you have light when you need it. Unlike their older predecessors that took much larger batteries, the typical LED lanterns use 3 AA batteries and have a long battery life. The lower battery requirement makes LEDs very energy efficient to use and ensures they will be ready when you need them. Also unlike older battery operated lanterns, LED lanterns can withstand a lot of abuse and can be taken many types of harsh conditions without fail.



These are several collapsible LED lanterns on the market, including one by Bell and Hewell, TAC5 and two sold by WalMart that are similar in features and a range of prices.

All of the lanterns I compared have high customer satisfaction reviews. One by WalMart had no customer reviews but was the lower priced item.


Light Quality:

  • Very good light. Excellent amount of light.
  • One customer in a review said it was so bright that you should not look directly at the light.
  • Great single light with convenient handle and the lantern feature is bright also covering a large area well enough to camp by.


  • Compact, little storage space. They turn on as you raise the top half out of the base and so can control the light output through partial-raising of the top half that contains the lights.
  • Appears to be durable.
  • I intend to use when camping and around the house during a loss of power.
  • I purchased four for my home.
  • Very well made product

Energy efficient:

  • There were customer reviews that these lanterns are long lasting, inexpensive.
  • One review said that they leave the lantern on all night (all lanterns reviewed, including this product run on 3 AA batteries)


  • Going to buy more for me and great gifts as well for the price



Review and information

TAC5 LT300 Tactical Lantern (this product) reviews are included on this page. TAC5 lantern receives a 5-star satisfaction rating for the amount of light, durability, customer service, and overall satisfaction. TAC5 overall have the highest reviews with 5 stars overall. Very high customer satisfaction. This lantern appears to be the most durable but also has the highest price tag, about $45.00 on sale.

Lanterns sold by Walmart and Bell + Howell have 4-5 stars. These lanterns seem to get lower satisfaction ratings in durability. They get high satisfaction ratings for excellent light quality, good magnet, and energy efficient.

All lanterns use only 3 AA batteries and light with energy efficient LED bulbs.

All lanterns are compact and are convenient for travel and storage.

Bottom Line

What Do You Need A Lantern To Do?

  • If you need a rough and tumble lantern for camping, hiking, your workshop, or other tough jobs a durable lantern casing may be a better choice for your needs. Some casings may not hold up as well as others. According to reviews of these lanterns, you may want to look into the TAC5 lantern as an option for auxiliary lighting.


  • If you need just the typical camping light, emergency light for a power outage and/or price is one of your criteria for an auxiliary light you can look into a variety of the TAC lights on the market, including those from WalMart and the once listed below. These lanterns have received high ratings for light quality and energy efficiency.

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Bell + Howell 1454 Taclight Lantern Portable LED Torch (Magnetic)

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