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Safe travel USA and abroad never been brighter and more exciting than it is today. However, there has been trouble on the “Island of Paradise”. Travelers are starting to look at safety as a top priority when booking vacation plans, prioritizing it high then the price when it comes to finally booking a destination, according to a global study conducted by CNN.

The chart below depicts the collective results of the survey done by CNN. The results show exactly where travelers across the 70 or more countries place their safety compared to their money. The survey also demonstrates that there is still a significant economic burden on families across the globe, and money continues to be a major factor.


Results of Survey Highlight Trends

Here are some a few of the results:

67% – “safety and security” are the most important factor
60%  –  “price” is the primary driver
58% –  “reputation” of the establishment is the most important factor
55%  –  “knowledge and availability of information” are paramount
54%  –  “amenities and diversity of things to do in the area” matter the most to these travelers


These are curious results because they show that guests don't necessarily point out that providing the best meal or the most comfortable bed will guarantee repeat business. Of course, there will be considerations for the area as well. Assuring your guest can rest peacefully and securely seems to be foremost on their mind.



So, which are the safest countries to visit?

How does someone traveling determine “safety and security, especially when they travel abroad?” Canada's Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade has released an interactive map that is easy to use and provides the name of the country and a brief description of any travel safety concerns in countries around the world. See the map here.

This map will warn consumers if it advises “no travel” or “extreme caution” to a particular country. Maps and advisories can be a valuable tool to vacationers aboard.


Travel Safety USA



Where Guests Find Referrals

A survey released had some interesting findings. It revealed where travelers get their vacation recommendation information. This survey found that over half of vacationing public get destination recommendations from family and friends. The internal self-referral system is useful information for B&B Inn owners to understand. These sources of referral can turn into a great marketing tool. Friends and family who enjoy their stay will recommend it to others. Word of mouth recommendations is a powerful marketing tool. Going over the top for every guest can result, not only in repeat visits but can lead an exponential number of referrals.


referral bed and breakfast


The other slightly less than half of the traveling guests say they use top websites to locate travel destinations. As Innkeepers, it is important not to underestimate the importance of high-quality photos to showcase your Inn. Be sure that you highlight those major areas of concern for your guests. Door keypads for security, check-in procedures, Inn and area amenities and all photos should be bold and bright. A brief video highlighting these key components of your Inn will also help seal the deal.


With safety address, where do we stand with the price? Small hospitality, such as B&Bs and Inns, need to self-refer and complete bookings from their websites to capture maximum revenue. Establishments are forced to accept deep cuts in profit when they “farm out” bookings to a travel agency. However, on the flip-side the travel agency can fill the establishment with guests, making it difficult to walk away from this service. This key is to find a balancing act between internal bookings and travel agency bookings.

Travel transportation is another major expense. In order of most expensive to least (annual household vacation expenses)

    • fly
    • ship
    • gas for car transportation
    • train
    • bus


safe travel

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Not unexpected airfare is the most expensive. Various sources cite approximately 10% of Americans will buy a plane ticket annually versus 20% of Americans will hit the road by car to their vacation destination. These statistics most likely will not surprise anyone when you consider your vacations. Flying remains very popular because of the convenience. You can help make your vacation budget go further when you fly by doing the following: set up and use frequent flyer miles. Those who want to fly need to do more planning. Depending on your departure date and time of year will dictate the best time to purchase your tickets for the best price. Typically you will find the best price about 6-7 weeks before your departure. You will need more time, consider 12 weeks, during busy travel dates, such as summer months and holidays. Travel expenses can quickly consume over have of your vacation budget, so it is worth taking time to find the best travel deals.



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