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Need help Locating a Modern B&B with all the Updates?

We Have Done the Work for You!

* Are you tired of the typical motel/hotel experience? Do you need help locating modern lodging for relaxation, a soak in a jetted tub and the aroma of coffee and a delicious healthy breakfast to awake you?

*Maybe you stayed at a Bed and Breakfast (B&B) or Inn and had a negative experience.

*Are you looking for a contemporary modern bed and breakfast inn with all the amenities of a new hotel, but you don't like the sterile feel (or expense) of an upscale hotel.


I have provided many resources to assist you in locating that Bed and Breakfast, Inn or Boutique Hotel you have always dreamed of. Use the following travel resources and information to locate lodging around the country that will give you that perfect modern B&B for your next get-away. If you are unsure what you are looking for, I have provided additional ideas on up and coming trends in the hospitality industry. Read on and enjoy. Please provide me with your comments and feedback.

Match the B&Bs personality to yours.

Locating Modern Bed and Breakfast

Bed and Breakfast (B&B) Inn Authorities

There are organizations who endorse B&Bs, Inns and Hotel Boutiques based on a set of quality indicators. Below is a summary of those organizations.

  • What do their endorsements mean?
  • Are they important to you when it comes to picking a B&B or Inn?
  • Will they determine a better stay?


1. Select Registry


Select Registry reviews each Bed and Breakfast, Boutique Hotel, or Inn who submits an application to them. They approve the establishment to be included in their registry based on the following criteria:

  • Exceptional lodging accommodations
  • Hospitality
  • Exceptional food
  • Amenities
  • Guest experience while staying at the inn.

The certified site undergoes thorough surprise inspections, and must pay a yearly fee to maintain the registry status with Select Registry.

locating modern bed and breakfast

Seal of Excellence


“Each property is original and unique, a reflection of the personalities and tastes of the individual innkeeper-owners. The purpose is to encourage travelers to visit this carefully selected group and to experience this unique type of personal hospitality.”

— Norman Simpson (copied from Select Registry website)


Addition Searches from Select Registry

You may be satisfied that you can identify a quality Inn, but now comes the task of finding a place that suits the rest of your needs. Select Registry website allows you to view many lodging options by clicking on checkboxes next to a description.

For example, you might choose a B&B in the mountains of Virginia with a spa and a jetted tub. Select Registry will provide you with 4 different selections from Charlottesville to Lexington. Now let's say you need to add in the need for a handicap accessible room. You can add this to the search criteria. Select Registry will now return 2 options, one in Pearisburg and one in Lexington.

2. Bed and Breakfast Diamond Collection:


The Diamond Collect for this professional organization symbolizes their “cream of the crop” lodging, because this is based on on-line guest reviews. It is also based on regular yearly inspections of the Bed and Breakfast or Inn. The Diamond ratings are awarded to the Inn for their modern luxury  and high end amenities.
If the moderluxury anda touch of luxury is what you crave, consider searching Inns that carry the Bed and Breakfast Diamond Seal. You can also read the guest reviews on this site.

 Additional Travel Options

Bed and is a wealth of information for a variety of B&Bs and Inns around the country. Not only are many B&B lodge options listed with this travel site, but they also categorize lodging into interesting themes to help traveler with vacation plans.

National Parks with Fall Views

Imagine that you are in the mood to take in beautiful fall scenery. B& just so happens to have a category “National Parks with the Most Beautiful Fall Views”. The travel site provides a nice condensed write-up of fall at U.S. National Parks and then their recommendations for lodging. If you happen to be near the Shenandoah area, and the Shenandoah National Park review catches your attention

Other Perfect Locations

The farm B&B they recommend may be your perfect booking opportunity! There are many more categories to capture your interest. Maybe you are looking for the perfect Inn for a wedding, or a destination B&B to escape cold weather. Check out the website for many travel idea and booking.


3. Trip Advisor – Certificate of Excellence


 Finding this seal of excellence is another endorsement a traveler can use to assure that a particular Bed and Breakfast Inn has been surveyed for exceptional standards of practice.

Rating for Performance

Trip Advisor has developed an algorithm they use that analyzes the B&B's performance over the course of a year. Trip Advisor's criteria take into account the Inn's quality of service; and quality, quantity and opinions of reviews left by past guests.

On Trip Advisor you can read and review the Inn's past guest reviews, thus this provides a snapshot of guest satisfaction.

Additional Searches from Trip Advisor

Trip Advisor is a very detailed travel site with an interactive forum of reviews that are generated by the actual traveling public. They also provide very detailed information about each booking, these categories include:

General information found under found as subcategories. This includes areas of interest such as, hotels, B&Bs, restaurants, maps, etc.

Under this category, you will find details of different hotels in the area.

Area airport, flight, and transportation information.

The best rentals in the area.

Specifics on highly rated restaurants in the local areas.

Fun things to do and favorite attractions in the area.

You can also find current traveler reviews and recommendations

Trip Advisor is not specific to the Bed & Breakfast industry, but can provide listings of B&Bs or Inns to book in a particular area. However, if you have an idea of the area you wish to travel, and a few lodging names, you can plug them into Trip Advisor for a review and rating. You can also log into the B&B website from the Trip Advisor website.

As you can see Trip Advisor is packed full of information to help set you at ease when you book your next get-away.

4. AAA Travel



Triple A (AAA) Diamond rating system assists a traveler with levels lodging choices. AAA reviews and rates all forms of lodging, including small and large hotels, boutiques, bed and breakfasts, and all varieties of Inns throughout the country, because of the scope of lodging they review there is a variety of choices you have when you book.


The criteria used by AAA is based on multiple types of input, including expert evaluations, past guest feedback, and standards of practice. To apply for AAA rating, the lodging establishment must first receive a “Seal of Quality” from AAA. This measures the establishment on many levels of safe to clean and comfortable environment.

Diamond Rating:

Once the Inn receives the “Seal of Quality“, AAA provides a 1-5 Diamond rating. This will tell a traveler the following about the lodging:

  • One Diamond = No frills. This is a great place for the budget minded traveler.
  • Two Diamonds = This level of lodging is basic, amenities and services are moderate.
  • Three Diamonds = This lodging would provide services and amenities that are more comprehensive, and guests with greater needs would be happier with this level of service.
  • Four Diamonds = This is upscale lodging with many of the luxury amenities and services. There is a higher level of comfort, and one should expect outstanding hospitality for the duration of their stay.
  • Five Diamonds = At this level a guest should expect that lodging will exceed standards excellence in areas of hospitality, service and amenities. Guest experience is customized to meet the needs of the guest and improve the guest's stay.


Is Booking a Modern Bed and Breakfast the only criteria that is important to you?

What else would help you choose top quality lodging?


Looking for Special Services?

Health & Wellness

  • Do you feel exercise and wellness is important when you travel?
  • Is it important to you to get your exercise routine in, whether it is a walk or a quick run, regardless where you are?
  • Do you shop around for lodging that provides exercise equipment?
  • Do you shop around for lodging that provides a spa, or promotes healthy snacks and complimentary bottled water?

If these are important criteria for you, you may be surprised to know that many in the Bed & Breakfast industry recognize this, and are working to provide you with such amenities.

Many travelers today are very interested in maintaining a healthy lifestyle while traveling. If your priority is to find a B&B or Inn that offers health and wellness as a perk, check out the following travel sites.

  • Many of the travel websites, such as TripAdvisor, AAA, and Bed and These major travel sites can assist you with lodging options that provide fitness access or equipment. Search by category in the demographic area you wish to visit.
  • Call the Inn, or check the website to see if they support a health and wellness program. Many B&Bs are adding spa services, and some basic exercise equipment, or directions to hiking and biking trails.


Handicap Accessible Lodging

There is a great need to have accessible rooms with ramps and accessible bathrooms.  There are many options for locating Inns that are handicap accessible.

  • Many of the travel websites, such as TripAdvisor, Select Registry, and Bed and Breakfast can assist you with finding lodging that contain assistance with check in and check. Walls and barriers removed and counters lowered.

The Bed & Breakfast Inn industry has been proactive in meeting the needs of theirs guests with disabilities. Call ahead to discuss personal arrangements with the B&B owner to ensure the room meets your individual needs.

Market Street Inn Bed and Breakfast


Helen's Accessible Suite

One such Bed & Breakfast is located in Taylorville, Illinois, Market Street Inn Bed and Breakfast. The owners have carefully constructed an ADA compliant room for the guest with special needs. The room has a wheelchair accessible ramp, that leads to an extra spacious door. Once inside there is a kitchenette with table, cabinets, and roll under sink, that is appropriate height. There is a lovely specious bed situated conveniently, not too high from the floor. The bathroom is truly well done, and offers a shower with a fold down seat, roll-under sink, grab bars, appropriate height storage, and a tilt mirror.

Organizations for Travel

SATH – Society for Accessible Travel & Hospitality –

This site contains a wealth of information for travel options for individual with disabilities.

From SATH Website:

The Society for Accessible Travel & Hospitality (SATH), founded in 1976, issathlogosidebar an educational nonprofit membership organization whose mission is to raise awareness of the needs of all travelers with disabilities, remove physical and attitudinal barriers to free access and expand travel opportunities in the United States and abroad. Members include travel professionals, consumers with disabilities and other individuals and corporations who support our mission.


Additional Website Resources: – assists individuals who are traveling with wheelchairs.

http:/ – Individuals with disabilities who enjoy the snow and skiing can access a wealth of information that help booking and planning vacation to these special resorts. – this is a searchable
Access-Able Travel Service. Extensive site with searchable databases, many disability travel links, travel tips, etc. www.acces



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