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Minnesota Land of Lakes –  10000 Lakes – That Is!


land of the lakes

Sunsets that can be found nowhere else!

Check out the Lakes and Stay at Cabins, State Parks, and other great campsites!

There are amazing lake resorts waiting for you in the coming year.

Today I’m working from home. It’s a chilly December day, and we have decided we are moving out of state. I’ve decided it’s a great time to say a little about the state I’m about to leave. Even though I’m going, I’d recommend that you think about visiting the sites sometime.

The “Land of 10,000 Lakes” says it all, even the license plate bears the logo, and yes, I am talking about Minnesota. The question that begs to be answered: “Did someone actually do the count?” Probably not because then they would realize that technically there are more lakes than 10,000 and perhaps closer to 15,000 freshwater lakes. That is incredible when you think about it!

How does a person visit all of these beautiful bodies of water? Minnesota lakes come in all shapes, sizes, and variations of recreation. How to enjoy the land of lakes is up to the individual. The decision is in the eye of the beholder. What are you waiting for, the lakes are everywhere? Enjoy the sunshine on a sandy beach, just dip a toe into the water, dive head first from the back of a boat, water ski, take a paddleboat out or dine on a riverboat. If you are excited to romp in the snow check out some ice fishing, snowmobile or cross-country ski across a flat frozen lake. The lakes of Minnesota provide recreation and activities that are limitless and endless vacation options.

You might appreciate a few thoughtful ideas to help you plan a trip to Minnesota lakes and lodging. Scroll down for a list of some great activities and recreation you can take in at area lakes:

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Enjoy the beach:

land of lakes

It’s the all-time favorite way to pass the time at the lake during the summer. Don't forget your beach essentials such as a towel, sandcastle making tools, sunscreen, water, sunglasses, and an excellent book for relaxing. You are ready to enjoy a great afternoon of Minnesota fun in the sun. Cities such as Detroit Lakes, Big Lake, and Alexandria have spectacular beaches to enjoy. For an unforgettable lake experience head north to Minnesota's most majestic lake, Lake Superior, one of the Great Lakes. Those who are into the urban scene head into Minneapolis and take in the beautiful Lake Calhoun or Lake Harriet.

The magnificent sandy beaches of the lakes in Minnesota State Parks just beg for you to discover them. A few that are worth checking out:
Father Hennepin found on the beautiful Mille Lacs Lake, Zippel Bay of the Lake of the Woods, and who can forget McCarthy Beach, Maplewood Lake, and Lake Bemidji. Facilities you can find at these parks include cabin resorts and campgrounds located along lakeshores. Your task, which isn't a difficult one, is finding lodging and facilities that give you that perfect oasis where you can have that ultimate lake experience.


Stay at one of the beautiful State Parks along waterways and take in some of the paddling around. One of the best ways to see Minnesota is by water. You can go by kayak, canoe or even paddleboard and rentals are readily available during your stay. Keep in mind that there is paddling for guests of all experience levels from novice to the most experienced. You can explore quiet, serene rivers and lakes all the way to daring adventures like the Boundary Waters of Lake Superior with an outfitter.
Paddleboards are also available for those who like to have more fun on the water. Not familiar with Paddleboards? These stand-up paddleboards can be rented with lessons at select state parks and lakes. Call to inquire and add some additional adventure to your summer vacation.
Beach and Fun: There is no dispute; playing at the beach is the best way to experience Minnesota lakes. Bask in the sunshine on your favorite towel with a good book, dig a toe in the water, or swim from the shore. Minnesota sandy shores are perfect for sandcastle creations. The best part about Minnesota lakes, chances are, one may be in town just down the road from you. Excellent examples of lakes you can check out, Big Lake, Detroit Lakes, and several lakes around the Alexandria, MN area.


Land of lakes


Want to experience Minnesota in true Minnesotan fashion – “go fishing.” Fishing is one of Minnesota's favorite pastimes. Many of the lakes in Minnesota serve up many species of fish: Walleye, Northern Pike, Bass, Muskie, various panfish and more. Some tout fishing as being the most relaxing sport. If this is the case, then this makes Minnesota a wealth of relaxation. To enjoy the sport of fishing all you need is a line, hook, and bait. You will find boat and equipment rentals and guides that can help show you where the best fish bite. Minnesota is also home to big water fishing, and you will find Fishing Charters if that sounds like the sort of thing that “floats your boat.”

Cruise the Day Away:

Is the slow and easy way to experience Minnesota more suited to you? Try one or more of the many boat excursions on lakes or rivers. You can experience a boat trip through one or more of the 100 or so lakes in the oldest State Park in Minnesota, Itasca State Park. Try an excursion where the boat explores the mouth of the Mississippi River, and explores the wilderness lakes of Voyageurs National Park. You may also consider the Destiny Cruise which offers meal cruises on Gull Lake near Brainerd, MN. Venture north to Duluth and grab a breathtaking cruise from where you can view city’s harbor and view the beautiful Lake Superior.

If you haven’t seen Lake Minnetonka on the west side of Minneapolis, a cruise is a perfect way to experience this immense lake. There are several boats you can choose from to suit your taste and speed, to name a few; Lady of the Lake paddlewheeler, Queen of Excelsior, or the old Steamboat Minnehaha.

Minnesota Camping:

Who doesn’t like to camp when there are so many great reasons to stay! It does not matter what your definition of camping is, chances are you will find lodging that will fit the bill near Minnesota lakes. Stay a little or stay a lot, the choice is yours. There are facilities for “roughing it,” so pick out your Park, pitch a tent, and dig in for a night under the stars.
Not the “rawhide” type? Check out the many beautiful lodges, cabins, and cottages available near lakes and river-side. You will also find campgrounds that offer facilities free of charge for cooking and parking. This is the perfect time to bring a camera and shoot some of the most amazing sunsets, bird watching, and nature pictures. Check out the website at Minnesota DNR for all the information on lakes, National Parks, and campgrounds. There is nothing more Minnesota than looking out over the pink glisten of a quiet lake at twilight and simply listen to the Loons calling back to you.

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