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Decorating with Designer Paint Colors to Create an Inviting Trendy B&B

The new trending paint colors in eye-pleasing neutrals and the earthy colors such as muted browns and green are very appealing to the young modern travelers. These colors are comforting, calming, and often gender neutral. It is easy to place a few pieces of decor in rooms painted with these colors and have them fit well.

Remember your rooms should wrap around your guest!

Do the Following Problems Sound Familiar?

  • Have difficulty finding the right decor to fit a room.
  • The room looks overly feminine or stuffy.
  • The room looks outdated.
  • Guests are not booking that room, or it is not a popular room.
  • The room is too dark/dim and no lighting.
  • The room too bright, washed out, or white.


Of course, there are many reasons why space needs updating. Sometimes we get so accustomed to the look of a room we forget that we can change it. If you have rooms that are not quite getting the job done, perhaps all they need is a coat of a beautiful neutral or earth tone paint to lighten or warm them up.

Let's Do This

If you are an expert at picking out a color and matching colors and decor, I applaud you. For the rest of us, I highly recommend a paint matching guide similar to the one you can obtain below. There are places where a professional look is essential, and your business is one of the places.


Paint colors
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Working with Color and Texture

Have you avoided changing your decor because you're afraid it might cost you a fortune to start updating? Sometimes the solution is as easy as a can of paint!

The beautiful Queen Anne homes were known for their bold brightly colored eclectic wallpaper and are typically the pride of American Queen Anne homeowners. However, if you are trying to brighten and lighten up a room, think about looking at some of the modern neutral paint colors.

Take a look at the following, not only to bring in and reflect light, but also to attract today’s modern traveler with a more neutral pallet.

  • Light neutral grays and beiges, the modern gray tones are very popular.
  • Other light neutral earth tones are acceptable.
  • Variations of white
  • There are some variations of light blue/gray to mid-blue that are acceptable
  • Avoid dark, bold, primary, and pastel colors.
  • Believe it or not, black is back!


What's In a Quality Paint


Natural Light Modern Bed & Breakfast

Good quality paint is important to lend a bright, durable finish to your walls. There are several brands you can choose from that will provide this exceptional quality you need and desire. Consider the various levels of quality and durability you can find with the Behr brand paints at Home Depot. This brand still remains one of my favorites because there are so many levels of paint quality you can move across and it also provides you with a One-Coat option available in many colors.

To make it even more interesting, Behr is introducing 20 limited edition “trending” colored paints, which are considered the new fashionable colors in 2017. Imagine, you can have the latest, greatest paint color on your walls, and brighten up your rooms at the same time.

To kick off 2018, colors will shift slightly. We will see any color that can be inspired by nature. Yes, you guessed those earthy tones. If you like the muted green and sage, now is your time. If you always imagined painting with black – guess what? Black is back and hotter than ever! If you can find the color in nature, you can put it on your walls.

Your Inn can look like it has just stepped out of “House Beautiful”. Check out the new paint guide at Behr Color Trends for 2018 and Behr Color Currents, and have fun deciding what paint colors would bring out the light, and class all in one.

It's true you can never stay “up to the minute,” but your rooms can look fresh, bright, and clean.

Picking out Paint Panic

You have good reason to worry. Picking out the right color and matching colors is a daunting task. You can play the guessing game and hope it comes out okay, and you can hire a consultant which can be expensive OR you can order the Paint Guide pictured below and do it with confidence yourself. This is an economical way to pick out and match paint colors with confidence. Even if you have experience with painting, it is nice to have input into choosing a color like a pro.

Picking out a paint color can be an expensive guessing game. Now it doesn't have to be.

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