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Interesting Fun Facts: Top 10 Bed & Breakfast Myths Debunked

The very best things about staying at any B&B is that each is one of a kind. But many of B&Bs currently have one characteristic they all share: The B&B innkeepers manage with pride in professionalism and competency.
However, existing myths abound around bed and breakfasts. The myths about B&Bs stem from days before travelers fully understood what a B&B could offer to a guest. There are many credible B&Bs for a traveler to choose from with rare exceptions. Just as when you book a hotel, it is recommended that you do your homework to find a B&B that caters to your specific needs and preferences.

Top 10 Myths

Below are the most common myths about B&Bs that prevent guests from choosing one for their lodging.


1. You give up your privacy 

A B&B, especially an appropriately run one, offers a guest a guest peace and quiet. From the time you check in your room should be tranquil and relaxing. Contrary to popular belief, you do not have to visit with other guests if you prefer not to. However, B&B guests are some of the most interesting people around, and conversation can be quite stimulating. Most Innkeepers can tell when you want time to yourself and will give you your space. Don't worry the Innkeeper won't force the family photo album on you. In fact, it is possible to not see another traveler for the duration of your stay at the B&B – now that is quiet! You won't find that kind of peace and quiet at a hotel! Innkeepers hold their guest's privacy in high regard and will do what they kind to protect it.

2. Innkeeper is staying out of sight

A B&B in many cases is the home of the Innkeeper, so they are often not far away but merely attending to other chores. An Innkeeper in often the only one to do all of the chores for the Inn, leaving little time to just linger around the living room. In some cases, the Innkeeper may feel that you prefer your privacy, so often they will turn the common areas of the home over to the guests. The Innkeeper can almost always be reached through after-hours contact information if you feel you need something urgently.


3. Breakfast amounts to small talk with strangers

It is very common to find breakfast served at one a large table in a dining room. When guests gather initially for breakfast in the dining room, they may not know each other. At the conclusion of breakfast, many guests will leave as friends. A breakfast table is a great place for fellowship, and many guests feel this is one of the most valuable experiences of their B&B visit. Conversation is typically light, and folks will respect your peace and quiet if that is what you prefer. Keep in mind; the Innkeeper is there to please, in most cases, you have the option of enjoying your meal in your room or, in some cases out on a sunny veranda.

Breakfast at the table in a B&B is enjoy and relaxed experience





B&Bs gather guests at holidays

B&Bs bring guests together in fellowship



4. B&Bs are staffed 24/7

In the smaller B&Bs, fewer than ten rooms, the owner, and spouse, with one additional staff for busy mornings, is the only one is typically working. It is important to adhere to the schedule provided to you by the owner/innkeepers of the B&B, including, arriving at your scheduled time or contact the Innkeeper if your plans change. Innkeepers block off their day for activities like shopping and gardening around the guest's check-in times.


5. Innkeeping is not a real business

Small B&Bs make it difficult to support a living for most Innkeepers, but it is still considered a real business, not a hobby. In fact, the B&B business is very complicated and has many regulations.


6. It's just Breakfast

The first meal of the day is anything but a simple affair. Breakfast at a B&B can range from a Continental Breakfast all the way to Four Course hot meal. However, the latter is the more typical experience, with meals planned out based on guest preference and special dietary requirements.


Breakfast is very special at a B&B

B&Bs are known for their amazing breakfast and elaborate plating.



7. Staying at a Bed & Breakfast is Very Expensive

Some B&Bs are considered high-end and can be more expensive. However, there are many B&Bs out there that are well within affordability. Shop around for a location, services, and extras offered by the Inn. These factors will play into the average daily rate you will pay. When you consider all of the extra you get compared to staying at a simple hotel, it will become evident what a bargain a B&Bs can be.

Business travelers will find a Bed and Breakfast meets their needs perfectly

B&Bs are the perfect choice for a business traveler


8. Travelers on Corporate Business Can't Stay at B&Bs.

Bed & Breakfasts are becoming increasingly popular with individuals and corporations who must travel for business reasons. Inns are now catering to the needs of the business traveler, having amenities such WiFi, conference rooms, desks, charging stations, and readily accessible connectivity. Some B&Bs are going a step further and offering corporate discount rates and loyalty memberships.



9. Innkeepers Have a Lot of Wealth.

At times it is assumed that Innkeepers are wealthy because they live in a big beautiful house. Some of these beautiful homes are inheritances, restorations, or hobbies. The fact is Innkeepers may work outside the B&B if the B&B is too small to support itself.


10. Strange Rules and Outdated Curfews.

A B&B may have a few too many rules for my taste, but I figure “it's their home.” If guests have to follow too many rules, it will eventually hurt return visits to the B&B. Innkeepers are developing rules that accommodate interests and needs of a younger generation of guests.  There are a few B&Bs that still may make a stay a little uncomfortable but ultimately they will have an empty establishment. For example, we stayed at one B&B with a full page of written rules on the use of alcohol when staying with them. Ultimately the Innkeeper wants to keep the house and everyone in it safe and happy. Often times, however, rules like this does more to alienate guests than protect carpet and keep guests safe. The B&Bs we have visited have never had a curfew in place, but out of courtesy to other guests, we always made sure we were quiet if we came in late. Read the B&B policies to assure there are no unexpected requests from the Innkeeper when you arrive.

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