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Reviews for a Haunt near You!

Ghost Hunting for Beginners: Everything You Need to Know to Get Started  

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Score: 4.6 Stars (21)

5.0 Stars (16 reviewers)

Readers describe reading this and telling about the book with great enthusiasm. More than half felt was an excellent book filled with knowledge and expertise. The readers also rated the book very high on practical, sensible advice and conversation that was engaging.

One reader described the book as having useful suggestions with its development in lore and history. The book also describes techniques, technology, photographs, presents evidence, and provides personal accounts of happenings.

The book is an easy read for most people. Readers describe this as a very entertaining book of discovery and immense learning about ghosts.

From one reader “One of the best books I have read for beginning paranormal investigators.” One trainer described the book as doing a great job explaining putting together equipment and a team. Readers of this give it five stars when strongly recommending it to readers who are just starting out or who have been ghost hunting for years. The book has great tips and is a great buy!


4.0 Stars (1 reviewer)
 Readers give this book four stars. A recommended book for people who possibly know some ghost hunting but would like to learn more about ghosts.
3.0 Stars (3 reviewers)

Readers gave this book three stars saying that this book okay to fair.


2.0 Stars (2 Reviewers)

Readers provided this book review two stars saying that the book was not very useful and required more detail. One reader felt the book had no rhyme or reason to it and it’s chapters were all over the board. The content was repetitious.

This book was given a 5 out of 5-stars rating by just about 76% of its readers, even readers who had lived in haunted houses themselves.


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Score: 4.6 Stars (36)

5.0 Stars  (25 reviewers)

Readers just starting out in the field of ghost hunting seem to lean on this book. One reader gave this book five stars and said she purchased this book for her son to learn about ghosts and their dangers. She felt the book had a good outline. The book explains just what you need to know. Another reader gave the book five stars recommending this book to anyone who needed a good beginner ghost book. The reader felt that the book did a good job explaining everything one needed to know about ghosts, plus more.

A reader gave this book five stars because the book was easy to read and did a good job explaining everything that the reader had witnessed for himself. The reader aspired to go further and join a Paranormal Group, and he felt the book would be of help doing that.

One reader assigned five stars felt the good was great because it only explains paranormal phenomena, and how to run an investigation with all the proper equipment and teams. The author describes what you need and what you don’t need. Again this is another book that is easy to read and follow, according to the reader. The readers says this book is “great for newbies.”

Of the most current 2017 Five Star review, the primary comments are one or two-word positive remarks like a Great book, Interesting, Very Good book. No other descriptors.


4.0 Stars (8 reviewers)

One reviewer gave the book four stars saying they wanted a book that was a safe read, as they were entering the world of their new found hobby/business, need an understanding of the paranormal. The reader found the book confirmed what they were doing in practice. This reader recommends the book for anyone entering the paranormal research field. The reader felt the books two most significant contributions are helpful tips and examples of situations. Another reader gave this book four stars because it had the best basics for ghost hunting. They did feel that this was not the most suitable book for ghost hunters who are more advanced. This review, however, is another reader saying this book is a good read.


3.0 Stars (2 reviewers)

This reader gives the book three stars stating that this is a good book “starter” book if you want to get started looking for ghosts. The reader describes the book as one of ghost and ghost hunting. The book also details non-human entities, demons, and possessions. The reader seems to like the step by step guide to performing a paranormal investigation, the equipment you should have, how to contact a spirit during an investigation, and forming paranormal groups. Another reader gave this book three stars because they felt they learned a lot from the book.


2.0 Stars (1 Reviewers)

One reader gave this book two stars stating that they were not too impressed with the book. Another reader gave this book only two stars because they felt the book was going to provide a guide about ghost hunting, but instead, the reader felt they got a book about how to start a ghost hunting business which as disappointing.


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