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Gen Y Characteristics

Focus on Hospitality

If the unleashing of a new exciting generation, Millennials (Gen Y) hasn’t caught your attention, and you are trying to keep your business afloat, I don’t mean to be an alarmist, but it’s time to pay attention now!

There is a whole new generation of travelers coming into the market, and they are taking it by storm. The Millennials are a generation like no other we have seen. Why you might ask. The Millennials include anyone born between 1980 to 2000. This generation has grown into the world of high technology, an industry that has grown by leaps and bounds itself. The Gen Y travelers are accustomed to a lifestyle of technology and connectivity.

Aside from an instantaneously connected life, the Gen Y generation is also a part of social media, the internet world, and social networking. Gen Y is a very large generation and is plugged into some network 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. What does that mean for you? There may be no reaching the bottom of this barrel once it is tapped!

The key to Gen Y travelers is providing what is important to them and having it there 24 hours a day. As I just mentioned they are always connected to their networks in some way. This means high speed and reliable connectively. Invest in your internet service and your connectivity. In the long run, it will pay for itself when the new, curious and appreciative travelers flock to your Inn.

As few travel statistics posted via several websites sites:

  • 85% of millennials check multiple websites before booking their travel plans searching for deals and steals.
  • 46% book their travel plans through a smartphone or tablet.
  • 60% will upgrade their travel experience by purchasing add-ons such as wi-fi other amenities that will improve their experience.
  • They WILL post their experiences on social media. In fact, 97% will post while traveling, and 75% will post once a day. That’s a lot of social activity.
  • 68% will remain loyal to a program that offers them the most rewards – Discount programs, Free Upgrades, Cash Back

This presents many advertising opportunities for you to invite the Gen Y travelers to your Inn. Consider your guests experience from the minute they access your Inn website and book through to the time they check out.

The Gen Y travelers are a special group of adventurers. They look for experiences that they can’t get at home, and chances are they are not staying with you because they don’t have a comfortable bed at home. Give them a personal introduction, tell them about your Inn, provide them with interesting facts about your Inn or the surrounding area. Have maps and brochures where interesting sites, parks, and trails can be located. Gen Y travelers want experiences but are not necessarily into spending a lot of money for experiences. You may find that they are as interested in a beautiful park with a lot of selfie-taking opportunities, as someone might be in an expensive museum. However, keep these as an option as well, because Gen Y travelers are very curious about history and knowledge.

Expect the Unexpected!

Didn’t book up the Inn for the weekend and it’s the 11th hour on Friday. Don’t give up hope. Run specials and pull out the stops for this group of travelers. They are out there on their smartphone on social media, perhaps on your Facebook, looking at your Friday-Sunday, 2-night special. This generation is spontaneous and loves surprises. They would be just the ones to book your special and show up at your Inn at 1:00 AM and stay the weekend. Viola’ your Inn is filled!

What is Special About this Generation of Travelers?

What is special about GenY travelers? This generation of travelers are always connected to the internet, and it is either a huge hit or miss for your hospitality business. You have to potential to tap an audience you could not reach before. This generation loves to travel, and they love to see things they have not experienced before. Use marketing to your advantage. Make your Inn sound so special that they would not dare miss it. Likewise, once you put your information out on social media, or more importantly once your guests put your information out of social media, it is out there for a very long time for many people to access. For this reason, it is very important to have your Inn in top form and operating flawlessly.

Impossible You Think! Very Doable…

Develop a beautiful website and connect with social media, show yourself off with an amazing video, update your decor, keep the Inn polished and inviting.

When you have a loyal guest, occasionally offer a VIP gift. The Gen Y travelers love to be pampered and LOVE to post all about it. Hey, that is free advertising for you! Keep in mind, every little extra you do for this generation will often come back 10 fold through their free advertise on their social media. Very clever actually.

Be sure you are around to help with pictures. They will love a picture of themselves at your Inn. However, do not hover, and don’t use them for your entertainment. This is also a more stressed out generation, and while they are plugged in, they are there to distress. The last thing they will want is to have you join them when they are trying to relax. Respect their privacy and quiet, unless invited.

Show this group of travelers that your Inn welcomes them anytime and loves spontaneous visits. Connect with them on social media and invite them to invite others to sign up for specials and interaction. The more familiar you are with the social media community the better this generation of travelers are to trust you to provide their needs.

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