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Kombucha Tea Health Benefits – 2018 Trendy Cocktail


Do you host Happy Hour or Wine Time at your Inn? Why not kick it up a notch by offering this trendy new drink?

Try Kombucha Happy Hour! Actually, this is not brand new, but it is definitely trending. Guests who are looking for the latest health craze and those looking for an alternative to booze, this is the ticket! Let's do this!

What’s all the hub-bub about? Kombucha has been out for awhile, but it’s just catching on more. This drink is fun because it’s flavored fermented fizzy tea that is good for you (some believe). It is more commonly found in major supermarkets and health food stores but you can make a homemade version using green or black tea and a specially prepared formulation of yeast. However, flavor and fizz, while fun, is not what creates excitement about this brew. Kombucha boasts a variety of health benefits, and this has built an amazing crazy following.

kombucha brewing

This is all great news –  BECAUSE –  You as a host are in a great position to capitalize on this trendy tea

Let me get you up to speed – YOU – put it into action.

You CAN WOW everyone when they realize – “This is not just your mama's tea!” 

Love  The Health Perks

kombucha mushroom
1. Antioxidants

Kombucha contains a very powerful antioxidant D-saccharic acid-1 4-lactone (DSL). This antioxidant is produced during the fermentation process while the tea is brewing. This antioxidant relieves oxidative stress and immunosuppression. Kombucha boosts the immune system through this potent DSL, and Vitamin C. Additionally Kombucha contains probiotics and the benefits that come with consuming probiotics.

2. Digestive Aid

Kombucha is alive with healthy bacteria that does a body good. Kombucha contains probiotics, yeast, and enzymes all of which help in digestion by assisting the breakdown of food and allowing for better absorption of nutrients from the GI tract.

stomach tummy problems

3. Addition GI Benefits

Kombucha helps maintain a favorable pH in the GI tract for the growth of good bacteria. The rebalancing of the good bacteria is felt to be beneficial to those suffering from stomach ailments like Crohn’s Disease, Celiac Disease, Candida, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, GERD, and Heartburn.

Kombucha is easy to digest. It contains pre-digested enzymes which ease the demand for digestive juices in your GI tract and may allow your pancreas not to work as hard.

Warning: One should keep in mind that making any dietary changes should be done carefully and gradually. The GI tract can be very sensitive to significant nutritional changes. It is also a process to see what does or does not work, and results are not accomplished overnight.

Fun Fact: Kefir, a similar type drink, and sauerkraut, which is a fermented product both contain bacteria and acid and also have the benefits of keeping the GI tract in balance and healthy. Who knew!

4.  Increase in Energy

Kombucha tends to provide a longer lasting form of energy as compared to sodas and energy drinks that contain sugar. Sugar causes a quick burst of energy by causing a rapid rise in blood sugar followed by an equally rapid decline or “crash” in blood sugar. This is what leaves a person feeling drained or hungry.

Similarly, caffeine produces a brief burst of energy followed by what is commonly experienced as the afternoon slump.

Kombucha doesn’t burn out of the body as quickly, meaning it will stay around longer and keep you energized. How does this happen? The fermentation process is believed to produce iron which in turn supports better oxygenation of your blood and tissues. This extra oxygen gives your body long-lasting energy.


5. Joint Health Maintenance

You may recall Glucosamine is given to individuals or elderly pets who suffer from stiff joints that are painful to move. Glucosamine, not a vitamin or mineral, it is another supplement you find in health food stores. Kombucha contains a natural form of Glucosamine and can help ease the movement of your joint and lessen pain with movement. What Kombucha's natural Glucosamine does is increase the production of synovial hyaluronic acid which lubricates the joints. Some feel Kombucha may help prevent arthritis and has become of interest to athletes in keeping their bodies in top performance.

Fun Fact: The increase in hyaluronic acid also supports and repairs collagen. Yes, that right you have heard of collagen! You may also see improvement of wrinkles over time.

6. Weight Loss

Those who drank Kombucha on a regular basis demonstrated weight loss. The effect on weight is thought to be a result of increased metabolism, cleansing, and detox effects afforded by the high acetic acid levels. It is worth noting that the same impact on weight has also seen in apple cider vinegar.

Kombucha also contains polyphenols known to support weight loss.

Kombucha acts to burn unhealthy fats, detoxify the body and provides you with energy for exercise more.


apple shows weight loss

7. Fight Off Big Disease – How does Kombucha do all of this?
  • Diabetes: Improvement of insulin resistance through improved carbohydrate digestion and better liver and kidney function. Kombucha made from green tea has added benefits of improving blood sugar levels.
  • Cancer: Cancer is a disease of cellular mutations. It is possible that these mutations can be combated by the antioxidants found in both Kombucha and tea so there is a possibility that this brew could help the fight again cancer.
  • Heart Disease: Kombucha reduces the absorption of the bad cholesterol (LDL) and increases good cholesterol (HDL). Positive effects on cholesterol have been seen in green tea drinkers; thus it seems reasonable we could see similar results in individuals who drink Kombucha made from green tea.
  • Fight Kidney and Liver Disease
8) Vitamin and Antioxidant Powerhouse

Kombucha contains a couple essential nutrients, Vitamin B and Vitamin C. Vitamin B helps you and your body deal with stress and Vitamin C helps the body heal itself and maintain the immune system health. Kombucha also packs a huge load of antioxidants which no one argues is important of immune system health, repair of cellular damage, and prevention of many illnesses.

9. The Alcohol Is In It

Kombucha is made through a brewing process called fermentation which means alcohol. During fermentation, you are combining a media, in this case, the tea and food (sugar) and the culture (bacteria and yeast) to create two by-products alcohol (in ethanol form) and carbon dioxide (bubbles/fizz). Commercially available Kombucha has very little alcohol content to comply with alcohol sales regulations, however, if you are brewing at home be aware of the alcohol if you need to avoid it. If you have concerns about the amount of alcohol in Kombucha, the following guide from TTB can help answer your questions.

Fun Fact: Cocktail Time! Yes, this is the fun part of Kombucha. It can be used to make a few fun and clever cocktails all the while providing health benefits. Consider using Kombucha in place of other sweetened sodas or mixers to make these popular favs.

Thirsty for more Kombucha healthy benefits ==> Read This

Now with facts in hand lets take action. Time to thrill your guests with this new sipping experience that is sure to be a crowd pleaser AND get them bringing their friends

Cocktails to Compliment the Kombucha Flavor


Gin and Ginger Mule
    • (We are replacing the ginger beer with the trendy GingerKombucha)
    • Get this! Not only is Kombucha trendy, its healthy for many reasons, the most obvious, it has a lot less sugar!

First and most important for this drink – You need your Copper Mugs

Next: Fill your copper mugs with crushed ice and lime wedges. We are ready to begin!

  • 1 shot of gin
  • ginger kombucha (about 1 cup)
  • crushed ice
  • 2 lime wedges
  • a slice or two of peeled ginger root
  1. Fill a copper mug with crushed ice.
  2. Add a shot of your preferred gin, a slice of peeled ginger


Impress your guests and enjoy!
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More Great Drink Ideas for Kombucha!

  • Mix with beer: “Kombucha Moon,” “Buchaweiss,”
  • Mix with Tequila for a “Kombucha-Rita”,
  • Mix with Gin for a “Health Crazed Mule,
  • Mix with Vodka and twist of lemon or lime for a “Tipsy Russian Kombucha”
  • Mix with Whiskey or Bourbon and twist of lime for a “Kombucha Cowboy”

happy hour kombucha cocktails

Fun Fact:
Kombucha is packed with antioxidants and is a great detoxifier; it speeds recovery following consumption of spirits. Yes, it’s true, this brew has built-in hangover recovery and makes mornings a little brighter!

Where Can You Get Kombucha

Buy It:
This healthy bubbly beverage can be purchased in several supermarkets and/or healthy food outlets.

Make Yourself:
You may want to consider making your own Kombucha. This is a brew that is not terribly difficult to whip up using just a few ingredients.

Read more here on making your own Kombucha Tea.

This is what you need….

Black Tea or Green Tea (some like to mix both teas)
1.5 TBSP Sugar
Distilled or tap water left out for 24 hours to dechorinate
Coffee filter or cheesecloth
Rubber band
Glass jar – at least 1-quart size (washed with hot soapy water, rinse/dry thoroughly)
SCOBY (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast) this is the part that will allow the fermentation and create the healthy bacteria and probiotic cultures in your brew. NOTE: Use only SCOBY of high integrity, no contamination apparent, organic, reputable outlets
Purchasing SCOBY – online, obtain from someone who already has one going, start from store brew (but quality will be of lower value, but may be used in a pinch)

Boil the water. Now add your black and/or green tea back and steep for 15 minutes. Remove the tea bag and add sugar. Stir with a clean wood spoon until thoroughly dissolved. Cover the opening of your jar with cheesecloth and secure with a rubber band. Let the sweet tea set for 24 hours to cool to room temperature and allow the water to dechlorinate.
After your sweet tea has set for 24 hours, remove the cheesecloth and ADD your Kombucha SCOBY to the sweet tea.
Place the cheesecloth (or any similar cloth that will allow air in) back over the top of the jar. Place the jar in an area of the kitchen where it will not be disturbed and away from drafts for approximately one to a few weeks as desired to create the degree of Kombucha mushroom and vinegar. The liquid can be sampled for drinking.

Last Word

Please note that there is an FDA warning for Kombucha, as there is for all food supplements.

Kombucha Regulations and Hazards From the FDA – both issues need to be addressed by the FDA to ensure a consumer is informed about the potential hazards related to consumption of Kombucha that is not prepared and/or stored properly. Teas such as Kombucha do not fall under the definition of a food or drugs and are therefore not regulated in the same way by the Department of Agriculture and FDA. Therefore, you will not find a requirement for specific regulations, written warnings, and product information like you do with a drug or our food.

There is new information regarding the safe use of Kombucha published on the FDA website. You can find information about the hazards of this tea being brewed in containers other than glass and under non-sterile conditions. There are some cases of people becoming ill and being admitted to the hospital because they did not follow these important guidelines. FDA studies do go on to report that when Kombucha is made under appropriate sterile conditions, they have not found contamination hazards in the product. Refer to website for more information or you may read this paper.

Consult with your doctor, nurse, pharmacist, or health practitioner before consuming Kombucha products to ensure they are safe for you and the medications you take. Do not consume more than 4oz per daily.

This information is not intended to replace the advice of your doctor or intended for the treatment or diagnosis of any illness.

Do not drink Kombucha tea if you are pregnant, nursing, or for children 4 years or younger.



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