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Do you have a room in your home or business that need HELP?

Do you have a limited BUDGET –  or   limited TIME to do a remodel project?

Easy remodeling ideas are fundamental to putting quick upgrades in place that not only transform a dreary dated room, they also add impact and WOW factor. Focusing on the primary rooms of the home I've added upgrade ideas that you can do yourself or hire out at an affordable price.

I have also added resources and retailers who supply the material needed for some of the updates. With the resources I've provided, you can review the updates for your home or Inn, research what would give you your desired look, and order online. Some of these offer exceptional quality at a very reasonable price.

When you do upgrades, focus on rooms that give you the greatest return your money. While you may have always wanted to spiff up the spare bedroom, adding in new light fixtures and hardware to the kitchen will give you a significant return on investment. What makes them a target? They are either a room of high traffic for guests and staff and have high visibility, or they are intimate areas for your guests.


There are a few affordable updates that can have a significant impact on your bathroom, and that will knock “Powder Room's” door right out of the park. These updates can be managed handily by the average DIY'er or installed for a reasonable cost.

What Are We Trying to Create

The bathroom needs to create a sense of luxury, spa-like atmosphere and pampering, whether this is your bathroom at home or for your guests. Focus on these elements for this room:

#1 Faucets


Modern bed and breakfast


When it comes to easy remodeling, faucets are one of the most often overlooked. We often think in terms of function rather than beauty. The trend in both sink and tub faucets is toward function plus fashion. Many of these are quite affordable and beautiful. There are many colors, finishes, heights, and some even light up. You can basically set your budget and pull up a whole host of fashionable options. Guests will be amazed and the effect can take your bathroom from ordinary to extraordinary.


#2 Sink

If the sink is dated, stained, cracked, or otherwise unappealing it may be time to consider replacing. Likewise, the vanity may need to be replaced if it is equally worn or dated. Depending on how these items fit your updating budget, you may or may not be ready to pull the sink or vanity out. There are many affordable vanities that can be purchased to replace one that is in poor shape. Even an inexpensive new vanity is better than one that is dated and full of knicks and dents. Consider if what you think is a vintage sink is thought of a worn out basin to your guests. As a new generation of guests starts to arrive on the Inn's doorstep, there will become less recognition of vintage and greater demand for a more modern look. Where sinks are concerned, there are many available that provide a clean modern look with a very affordable price tag.

 easy remodel ideas

#3 Vanities

But what are the most up to date bathroom trends?

Bathroom vanities and sinks can make a real impact in your home or Inn. For lodging, it amazes me how often the bathroom is left out of photos when this should be a real selling point. If the bathroom is not included in your pictures because it is subpar, now is the time to change the look of the room. Focus on these major areas and you will flip your bathroom.

  1. Choose a new white vanity. White is a classic modern clean look and is all the rage today. You can certainly opt for a natural wood vanity cabinet but consider that white never goes out of style, looks clean, and will brighten and enlarge small spaces.
  2. The white vanity can be paired with a white vessel sink or one with color so that it stands to attention on the vanity.
  3. Add a toe-kick nightlight, this is not only functional but adds a touch of light decor.


easy remodeling ideas
Luxier CS-004 Bathroom Egg Porcelain Ceramic Vessel Vanity Sink Art Basin

Easy remodel ideas

Yescom Artistic Tempered Glass Vessel Sink Bathroom Lavatory Round Bowl Pattern Basin


#4 Lighting

Have you walked into a room and thought to yourself “WOW – this bathroom is dark!” Perhaps you feel that way about your bathroom.  Are there dim poorly lit areas in desperate need of new lighting? These are important questions! These are the type of annoyances that will cause guests or yourself to view a room negatively. A well-lit space, especially around the mirror is a more beautiful cheery room. The bathroom, in general, should have good lighting because aside from aesthetics the bathroom needs to be a functional room. We will explore how different levels of light will produce different functions in this incredibly important area of the house. We will also explore the most overlooked areas, such as shower stalls, over tubs, and nooks where towels are stored.

What type of light bulbs do you use? Incandescent? CFLs – LEDs? There are so many options and brands now. Wait, is there really a difference? Let me tell you, my friends; there is a big difference. There are a few questions you should ask yourself before you invest in purchasing light bulbs. Did I j, st say “invest”? If you haven't priced light bulb options lately, you will find the energy efficient bulbs are costly. Are they worth the investment, especially if you have a large number to satisfy your needs. Well, let delve into this issue.    Are there dark areas in the bathroom? These are important questions! These are the type of annoyances that will cause guests to view the room negatively. The mirror should be well lit allowing the guest to use it to apply makeup or shave independent of additional lighting in the room. The bathroom, in general, should have good lighting. Consider different levels of light with the use of overhead light, vanity light, and wall sconces. Shower stalls can also present another source of lighting need. If the bathroom has a two-person tub, low-level ambiance lighting might be a great addition.


wholesale plumbing IVL370A03BPT 3 Bulb Vanity Light Fixture Bath Interior Lighting, Brushed Nickel


Where to Find:  Amazon, Wayfarer, AllModern




Are your guestrooms packed with wow factor, or do they just get by?

Do you get rave reviews the great nights sleep the guest has?

Does the bedding look clean and plush?

Do you use a bedspread and washed between guests?



The bed, typically the largest piece of furniture is the centerpiece of the bedroom. Why not put all your energy and imagination into making a statement with the bed.

A trendy bed that pops can be summed up in three words – White – White – White!

According to several articles published in Hotel Management, white rules as an indicator of luxury but most essential guests are increasingly concerned with health and cleanliness. A guest will equate the white bed with being clean. Now, when it comes to decorating, intuitively we think “color.” Adding pops of color to the bed with throw pillows and bed scarves may be tempting. However, laundering these colorful items between guests may have you trimming down how many you want to use.

A. Box Spring vs. Foundation vs. Platform

How do you choose what to place under the mattress? The base of your bed may be a traditional box spring. The boxspring is not the only choice on the market; however, if you are building a build to suit the masses there are several characteristics to consider.

  • Comfort
    The Box Spring has inner coils and works with the mattress as a unit giving the person maximum support during sleep.
    Those who like a firm bed will desire a foundation or platform bed.
  • Versatility
    Platforms can be very stylish and lend a room a sleek modern look.
    If you like the high regal look box springs will raise the mattress up and creating a mounding look.
  • Durability
    A mattress will enjoy an extended life when used with a box spring.
    Foundations provide an excellent life for memory foam and no-flip mattresses.
    Platforms are lower to the ground and can provide a sturdy, stable bed, especially if you move around a lot in your sleep.
  • Price
    Foundations and platforms are both cheaper options than a box spring. Platforms will be your least expensive option if money is your primary concern.
    Each of the three options will have something positive to bring to the table, but you will need to compare these options when it comes to making the right decision.

Box Spring

Box Springs may show under a comforter and will require a cover or skirt. You can obtain upholstered foundations and use them as a platform. This option provides a modern classic look and will eliminate the requirement for a bed skirt and allows easy access under the bed.

#6 Toppers

A great mattress is the essence of a good nights sleep and a great day. There is almost nothing that will bring in rave reviews from guests like a comfortable bed and a great nights sleep. The mattress is king, but there are also products you can use to add additional quality to your mattresses, such as feather bed toppers and memory foam. Choose toppers products carefully. A poorly constructed one or one that is not appropriate for your body may further aggravate a poor mattress. If you require a firm bed and add a soft topper, you may undo the benefits of your firm mattress support. Toppers can give the extra loft to a bed and provide the look of fluffy luxury. There are memory foam and gel toppers as well. These can help extend the life of a worn out mattress or reduce the motion of a spring mattress. Don't, however, get a mattress topper confused with a mattress pad. It is necessary to protect your mattress investment with a high-quality mattress pad, which is a mattress cover that is usually thinner than a topper and can be cotton fiber filled or contain a moisture barrier. Pads provide the mattress with a moisture and soil barrier.

   Click the picture or below to Start With a Brand New Mattress Cover 

Click Here: EASELAND Luxury Hotel Quilted Mattress Pad Cover 300TC 100% Cotton Top – Goose Down Alternative Filling -Stretch Up to 8″-21″ Inch Deep -Mattress Topper (Twin, White)

#6 The Mattress is King…

Today the options for the right mattress are better than ever. There was a time when the best option was the standard innerspring mattress, and the other mattresses on the market were seriously substandard quality. Today, not only are there many options on the market, but the quality, durability, and comfort of today's mattresses are far superior, and when surveyed about their sleep quality more people today report being satisfied. Despite the popularity of the innerspring mattress people still report more satisfaction with other types of mattresses, such as memory foam and latex.

  • Innerspring 
    I'm going to lump all of the innerspring and coil (pocketed coil) mattresses here but do your research. Each type offers a different level of comfort and benefits.The innerspring mattress has been improved upon by better spring/coil technology and combining the innerspring mattress with other mattress types such as memory foam and latex to create a hybrid mattress that offers the best benefits. It has been suggested that the innerspring mattress will eventually fall by the wayside.
  • Memory Foam
    Memory foam mattresses have become a popular and affordable alternative to an innerspring. They offer firm support and durability. This mattress may also provide benefits to those who suffer from back pain issues as they provide for proper spine alignment. Since they don't encourage dust mites, they can also be a good choice for individuals who suffer from allergies. One drawback to consider with memory foam is that it does not spring back to its original form quickly. It will take several minutes after you arise for the pocket to return to normal.
  • SomniGel & Latex
    • Gel mattresses are great for those who love the benefits of memory foam but are looking for something that bounces back more quickly – gel might be for you. Again this is a mattress that is more expensive than an innerspring version. Gel mattresses offer firm support and don't heat up.
    • Latex mattresses are both affordable and durable. They do not require flipping or rotating and offer great support. They are one of the heavier mattresses to move.
  • Natural Fiber
    If you are looking for an eco-friendly mattress, this is the right one for you! These mattresses are more expensive than a traditional innerspring. Their comfort and support vary based their fiberfill and individual preference.
  • Adjustable Beds
    Adjustable beds offer great versatility and health benefits which have made them popular. They can allow the use many sleep positions and alleviate back pain, leg pain, snoring, sinus conditions, etc. They also offer a multitude of sets. There are drawbacks to this bed to be aware. They are one of the most expensive beds on the market and can run up to $2500 or more. Adjustable beds are quite heavy making them difficult to move compared to other beds and mattresses of similar size. Be aware that some adjustable beds have special bedding requirements.
  • Water Beds
    Waterbeds still have a following and were originally developed in the 1800s to help prevent bedsores. There have been claims that they can cause back problems but through studies conducted comparing them to different types of mattress, it was shown that they are only slightly below firmer types of mattress and are preferred by some as superior comfort and mattress of choice. There are drawbacks to a waterbed including, a lengthy setup even to move the bed into another room, large water requirement, energy requirement, and danger of puncture and leaking.


#7 The Pillows

It is debatable whether the mattress matters most or is it the pillows! In fact, the topic of pillows could be a topic of discussion all by itself.

Pillows are so critical to a bed's comfort and luxury. Believe it or not, there is an important balance between having an adequate number of pillows and the right kind of pillows to suit your needs and the needs of guests. This is an often overlooked point. There may be too many pillows just for decoration, the pillows present may be all one type, or there may not be enough pillows. There is a science behind stocking a bed with the right pillows.

There is a delicate balance between beauty and function in the pillows you provide. If you provide decorative pillows, there should never be more than can fit on one chair overnight. If you find a mound of pillows stacked on the floor every night, consider that the decorative pillows may be more annoying than they are functional or beautiful.

The Sleep Comfortably Foundation has guidelines that recommend two regular-sized sleep pillows for maximum comfort. It is important to keep in mind that “maximum comfort” is subjective. Maximum comfort means something different for everyone. One person may like one firm pillow, while another person may want two soft pillows.

Pillows general breakdown most widely used
  • One pillow for the head
  • Two pillows, one for the head, and one that they hug
  • Two pillows, one for the head and one for the feet
  • Three pillows, one for the head, the feet and one below the knees



There are a few different materials used in pillows. You will need to decide which materials to use that will best accommodate you and/or your guests. Best practices in lodging and hospitality provide a couple of different pillows in guest rooms allowing a guest to pick their best fit and fill. Pillows need to be covered to protect them from sweat, moisture, and dust mites. Yes, pillows also need to be washed to keep them fresh and clean for extended use.

  • Natural Fill – feather, down, or a combination. Caution for allergy sufferers and most will not be washable.
  • Natural Fill Alternatives/Fibers – mimics down but is made of superfine gel fibers. This pillow is an excellent consideration for those with allergies because they are hypoallergenic.
  • Synthetic Fill – made from synthetic fibers. This pillow has the shortest lifespan but will be the most cost-effective. When shopping, choose carefully, you will find some can be very comfortable.
  • Memory Foam – memory foam provides excellent head and neck support but is not the best option for someone who sleeps in many positions. It is also a pillow that heats up and may not be ideal for those who get hot at night. Will not mold well around neck and shoulders.
  • Shredded Memory Foam – this is a newer pillow to join the lot. This pillow contains little chunks of shredded up memory foam. The concept is to provide the benefits of memory foams support but allow the moldability of a down pillow. Consider this as a good option for those with neck problems and since it is a synthetic product it may also be a better option for allergy sufferers. As it is still a memory foam base, heat may be an issue for some.


#8 Decorative/Throw Pillows

Once you’ve chosen the perfect sleep pillow you may wish to add a bit of flare and style to the bed. After all the bed is typically the centerpiece of the room.Decorative throw pillows can add color, interest, and dimension to the bed and room. In particular, if the bedding is white this pop of color is a great addition to brighten up the bed and create a sense of identity.

It is here that many are tripped up, while the idea of mounds of throw pillows in coordinating and contrasting colors and varying architectural shapes seems like something one might see in an edition of House Beautiful, keep in mind that all of those have to come off in order to get into bed. All of those pillows, most likely, not a small investment, have to go somewhere during the night, most often the floor. On the other hand, a couple well placed brightly color accent pillows will be much more appreciated and not annoy a tired guest who just wants to find the real pillows to sleep on. Another consideration is dirt, dust, and other unmentionables that might accumulate on these pillows. If pillow covers can't be removed then the pillows should be washed. The more there are – there more there are to maintain. Making the bed will be considerably quicker without having to replace the pillow mountain.


#9  Bed Cover/Spread 

A down comforter will likely continue as the “gold standard” of bedding. These can be used alone or placed into a duvet cover to keep clean. The covers can be white as well or come in a variety of colors and patterns. Some button at the top and others have a zipper closure. As we discussed for pillows there are down alternative quilts available to use as the warm layer alone or with a duvet cover. Bedspreads at one time were the cover of choice in many homes and are still popular for residential use. Recently bedspreads have fallen in disfavor in the hospitality industry because of the difficulty in washing them and heightened public awareness as to this fact. The traveling public is demanding assurance that every area within their lodging has been thoroughly sanitized including the bed cover. This has led to many hotels and small lodging to switch to triple sheeting or all white multi-layered sheets and warm layer blanket. This white layered technique often referred to as “Triple Sheeting” assures guests that bed is clean top to bottom. It also has a crisp, luxurious, modern look that is also popular with the traveling public. Replacing the heavy bedspreads allows for easier laundering of the entire bed, making it a very desirable option.

Throw Blanket/Bed Scarf

Now for a pop of color that has function and beauty. A throw blanket placed randomly on the top of the bed as a pop of color and elegance has taken the hospitality industry by storm! The throw blank has replaced those non-functional bed scarves has become a very desirable addition to the bed. The ability to launder these colorful throws between guests and adding extra warmth to the bed gives them a bonus making them a great option. However, bed scarves are still used and can be quite attractive. They can also be used in combination with a throw blanket to elevate the interest of the bed. Scarves do serve a purpose as this is typically the area of the bed where guest like to plunk down luggage, shoes, a briefcase or purse and where guest prop their feet to watch television from the bed… so don't forget to wash this overlooked little piece of cloth!


# 10 Paint

We're giving paint it's own category because it is so important and can make all the difference.

Paint is interesting to consider in this modern era. As it evolves in the last couple of years, the hues are getting more neutral and deeper and darker. Two years ago White or some variation of White was the rage. Then through 2017 several neutrals that were soft darker hue of Taupe variations appeared. Now for 2018, believe it or not, like it or not, a variable hue of Black is predicted to be the rage Colors have fallen by the wayside. “Simply White” and “Alabaster White” were the paint colors of choice in 2016. The dark neutrals made their appearance in 2017, like Poised Taupe and Mushroom. So it's only fitting that for 2018 people predict that deeper and bolder colors are going to be all the rage.

Black Flame is said to be the new shade in 2018 and will be a big bold black. Described as a classic and that creates an ambiance of hope, privacy, and modern decor. Wow, that sounds like a color that fits our current culture! Put this paint on your walls and make a statement!


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