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Gas Stations Food – Are You Safe?

Gas station's food – convenient yes, is it safe? How nutritious is the food? That depends on the exact location. Some gas station Convenient Store, C-Store, food is safe, and some are not, but how is a person to know? Food managed by gas stations is a new and rapidly growing industry. There is no denying that they have become a major player in the fast food market for the traveling public.

Spicy Barbecue Shrimp Salad

This is a delicious, easy, and healthy spicy barbecue shrimp salad. If you have a craving to dive into a salad that has that great just-off-the-grill flavor and packed with a spicy punch this salad will satisfy both cravings.

Interesting Fun Facts

Interesting fun facts about Bed and Breakfasts and the myths that surround them abound. What makes them fun is each one is as unique as their owners. Each B&B has one characteristic they all share: The B&B innkeepers manage with pride, professionalism, and competency. There are many myths about B&Bs because the traveling public has been slow to learn about the great service they can receive. Read about the myths that exist. As with any lodging, do your homework when you book a stay and ensure that the Inn will meet your needs and preferences.

Clean Hotel Rooms – What Lurks Beneath

Human skin cells, bodily secretions, germs from the toilet, hair, bacteria can all be found in your freshly cleaned hotel room from a total stranger. This is unbelievable but it is true in cases of poorly cleaned guest rooms. When you pay a lot to have someone clean your King room you expect it will be clean. what dangers lurk beneath. When you have someone clean your room who was under the gun to finish cleaning the floor and decided to cut a few corner the room can be anything but clean. The room looks clean and even smells clean, but is it really clean?

Top Travel Accessories – Stylish and Fun

Top travel accessories that are stylish and fun should be on everyone's packing list! It's nonsense to pack for the big trip and not take along those needed accessories that make a big impact on your travel comfort. To make life easy on yourself, pre pack a travel bag with a few of these essential accessories and you'll never go without when you level home.

Trends in the B&B Industry

Bed and Breakfast Inns have been a tradition for lodging for many years and trends in the B&B industry are continually evolving. These can be traced back to the European roots and colonial days to the modern B&B and the effects the millennials are having on the B&B industry decor.

Safe Travel USA and Abroad: Important Tips

Traveling has never been brighter and more exciting than it is today, however, there has been trouble on the “Island of Paradise”, so to speak. Travelers are being to look at safety as a top priority when booking vacation plans, prioritizing it high then the price when it comes to finally booking a destination, according to a global study conducted by CNN.

 Log Cabin Bed and Breakfast: Rustic Romance

Log cabin bed & breakfast and the rustic romance it offers is gaining popularity with vacationers everywhere. Perhaps this is your next vacation!
Are you looking for a unique getaway? Have you always wanted to vacation in the mountains, or in a cozy wilderness log cabin? Perhaps your idea of relaxation is to curl up by a fire and read a good book. Your dream is more attainable than ever.

There are many log cabin bed and breakfast options for you to choose. So what makes the log cabin B&B unique?

The Breakfast Experience

Trying Homemade Breakfast Recipes at a B&B? Memories of the warm homemade breakfast recipes from your mother never fade. Almost everyone can think back to being young, waking up to the smell of breakfast cooking. First, you smell the rich aroma of coffee, then perhaps...

Travel Health Tips – Wellness for Road Trips

Travel health tips, wellness for road trips is here! Are you planning a big family vacation? Perhaps you are the “road warrior”, and travel is a way of life or you travel for work. There are many simple routines you can leverage to help you stay healthy on the road. You can proactively take care of your health during travel.

Pet and Travel Recommendations: Road Trip for Fluffy & Fido

Do you need pet and travel recommendations for the big upcoming road trip? Are you ready to start the big trip with your favorite furry friends? You may need some supplies and a few basic pet and travel recommendations to help your furry friends enjoy their travels safely. Our pets like us, have special needs while traveling.

The Natural Light: Your Inn Going from Drab to Fab

The natural light taking your Inn going from drab to fab is the best use of sunshine, let's face it! There is nothing more energizing than sunshine streaming in the windows of your Bed and Breakfast or Inn, it can be your greatest remodeling tool. Who knew interior design involved the sunshine!

Pineapple in Hospitality – The Friendship Fruit

Pineapple in the hospitality world means friendship; it is the friendship fruit. The Pineapple has symbolized hospitality and friendship for centuries. The Pineapple across Continents has come to mean sharing, caring, and friendship. The symbol of hospitality is the big beautiful plump fruit itself, with its rough brown exterior and edible sweet firm yellow interior.

History of the Modern B&B and Inns

Modern bed and breakfast (B&B) and Inns are fast becoming the lodging of choice for many travelers, myself included. I hadn't considered staying at a B&B when I first started traveling because there were so many lodging options. Travelers today have too many options to pick from with all the value hotels and loyalty clubs to choose. It becomes hard to separate out quality versus price, and there is a huge difference between the cost of different types of lodging.

What is AirBnB and How Does it Work – Is it for Real?

What is Airbnb, how does it work? Individuals who enjoy travel have most likely come across Airbnb at some point.

Despite that fact, many travelers remain confused about what this lodging type is. If asked about UBER for transportation, many travelers can identify with it. Airbnb is the UBER of the hospitality world.

Importance of Smart Goals: Innkeepers Guidelines

Have you set smart goals to prepare your Inn for the new generation of travelers? It is very important that you set smart goals for your lodging business to help guide you to a prosperous future. Once you have clear goals, you can craft decor for your B&B that will attract a new generation of guests.

Good Internet Business Ideas: Guest Room Remodel

Small hospitality is catching on to the concept of good internet business for their guests. They realize that good connectivity means more than high-speed internet and a desk. Now is the time to evaluate needs for connectivity and internet service for business travelers and leisure guests alike.

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