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Cabin in the Ozarks

Spotlight on vacation: your next getaway can be a log cabin. There many excellent vacation cabin properties out, but there is nothing like an authentic log cabin. Check out Tall Pines Inn in Eureka Springs, Arkansas in the Ozark Mountains. For a vacation that gives you a real cabin experience and lots of activities in the area to experience, this is one vacation you don't want to miss.

Preparing Your Inn for Sale – Buyers Perspective

Do you want to sell your Bed and Breakfast Inn? Have you tried asking a prospective Inn buyer what is important to them? Get this unique perspective on what a buyer sees when they look for an Inn to purchase and use it to help you prepare your Inn for a successful sale!

Fun Happy Hour Ideas – Trendy Cocktails That Will Impress Your B&B Guests

Fun happy hour ideas can include this trendy and healthy cocktail you can serve to thrill you B&B guests. It's call Kombucha and it's the latest health craze that makes happy hour happier. This is all great news. You as a host are in a great position to capitalize on this trendy tea
Let me get you up to speed – YOU – put it into action. You CAN WOW everyone when they realize – “This is not just your mama's tea!” 

Cleaning Jetted Tubs – Guidelines for Safe Use

Part of modern Bed and Breakfast Inns have been adding a jetted tub and our guests love the relaxing effects of soaking after a long hard day. The thought of slipping into the warm bubbly scented water is dampened by the idea of what might be spewed from those jets into the water when these tubs are not cleaned properly! I always want these tubs at the highest level of cleanliness for all of my guests. I have provided a simple to follow guide for the highest level of sanitation that will please you and your guests.

Easy Remodeling Ideas – 10 Great Updates for Your B&B

Great remodeling ideas are fundamental to fabulous upgrades. Some of the easiest upgrades can have the biggest impact when focused on high traffic areas or focus rooms like bedrooms and bathrooms. Updates to these rooms can take an ordinary room and make it interesting and extraordinary. Small investments can pay back with a real impact and WOW factor. For a refreshing start, consider some of these easy updates.

Tactical Lantern Reviews

LED lighting is the newest innovative lighting choice for camping and traveling. This light source can allow you a great deal of flexibility for camping or power outages. You need to include this lighting essential for your camping and household essentials. There isn't another product that offers so much flexibility and durability for the price.

Land of the Lakes – Explore Minnesota – Modern Bed and Breakfast Inns

The Land of 10,000 Lakes just like the license plate, says it all. I am talking about Minnesota. Check out the lakes and stay at cabins, state parks, and other great campsites! There are amazing lake resorts waiting for you in the coming year. There are more than 10,000 lakes and that's pretty incredible when you think about it! Book a cabin or pitch a tent at a campsite and come enjoy a lake or State Park this coming year.

Haunting Book Review

Check out reviews for a couple books that have been reviewed by readers and rated over 4 out of 5 stars for being easy to read and given positive comment for content they provide the reader on ghost hunting techniques and equipment.

Haunted Bed and Breakfast

Have you ever wanted to visit a Haunted B&B, or spend a night under the same roof with a few ghosts? Have you ever wanted to go on a ghost hunt? Check out these B&Bs and make your own episode of “Ghost-Hunters”. See some top haunted B&Bs to visit and explore.Take a vacation on the scary side and seek out spooks and specters. Stay at the country’s most haunted B&Bs and Inns. Haunting, now that’s a vacation to remember.

Business Travel Accommodation – Think B&B

Business travel accommodation is a trend across the B&B industry. Business travelers and Inns who work cooperatively find a mutually satisfying business partnership. Inns find there establishments filling up and business travelers are receiving the personalized services and amenities they need.

Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

The en-suite bathroom of your establishment can have a real impact on the overall satisfaction of hospitality guests.  However, a bathroom that is in disrepair can negatively affect your hospitality business. Minor or cosmetic repairs should be done before the next guest uses the bathroom. Second, consider whether you can convert shared bathrooms to en-suites AND budget for upgrades.

Triple Sheeting a Bed

Triple sheeting a bed is not a big mystery. Are you hearing talk about “third sheets” and “triple sheeting” and wondering what this means for you as a guest or how you can do this if you are an Innkeeper?

Fruit Ice Cream Dessert

Fruit ice cream dessert grilled on the barbecue to provide that delicate smoke flavor – Wow! Who knew that you could mix up fresh seasonal fruit, toss in a little spice, grill on the barbecue and out comes the basis for a delicious delicate breakfast dessert.

Vegetarian BBQ Skillet Spinach and Potatoes

Vegetarian BBQ Skillet Spinach and Potatoes. Did you ever dream of a fresh vegetarian BBQ skillet spinach and potato breakfast! Those who crave “Farm to Table” fares will enjoy this yummy dish! The Vegetarian BBQ Skillet is one dish that is so delicious you can enjoy it any time of day. What makes this barbecue skillet so scrumptious? Why, the barbecue and fresh “Farm to Table” ingredients – of course! Who knew that you could take such basic, down-home ingredients, mix them together with a few seasonings and end up with a dish that is toe-curling yummy.

Gas Stations Food – Are You Safe?

Gas station's food – convenient yes, is it safe? How nutritious is the food? That depends on the exact location. Some gas station Convenient Store, C-Store, food is safe, and some are not, but how is a person to know? Food managed by gas stations is a new and rapidly growing industry. There is no denying that they have become a major player in the fast food market for the traveling public.

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