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Bathroom remodeling ideas can benefit anyone tired of walking into the same dreary privy

BUT – Essential if you are entertaining guests.

Were you aware that the bathrooms, and we’re talking en-suites specifically, of your establishment can have a real impact on the overall satisfaction of your guests?  Conversely, a bathroom that is in a lousy state of disrepair can have dire consequences for your hospitality business. First, if your bathroom needs repairs, especially minor or cosmetic repairs, those should be done before any more guests use the bathroom. Second, consider whether you can convert shared bathrooms to en-suites.

Check out this video to get your own plans and start down the road to your new bathroom!

High-End Fixtures Allow Higher Room Rates – Duh!


Shopping for fittings for your establishment is not the time to be cheap. Buying cheap here will be detected by your guests and leave them wondering what they are paying for. Typically the higher quality fittings will result in a bathroom with longer life and beauty. Don’t be lead astray by the false economy of bargains that last a third the time of fixtures that are only twice the price. Your bathroom conversion will be cheaper in the long run. Additionally, focus on other minimally more expensive updates that add their weight in value. Updates that impress guests are quality water taps and shower fixtures, glass shower units instead of shower curtains, and if possible avoid showers positioned over the bathtub.

Bathroom remodel ideas

Provide adequate towel rails and hooks for hanging so that all guests have their place for towels and robes. Towel warming bars are quite popular in upscale lodging establishments and add a luxurious touch.

Many B&Bs have chosen to use pedestal sinks as a space-saving option for smaller bathrooms. Look at these with a critical eye. Do your guests have room to set out supplies and cosmetics? No? Consider installing cupboards and shelves for this purpose. The other option is to replace pedestal sinks with a vanity and sink. If you have chosen to supply glass drinking glasses, they should be cleaned and sterilized between guests and stored outside of the bathroom.

Now with a few suggestions for your bathroom are you ready to tackle a bathroom remodel?

I would really love feedback.

-Regardless if you are a homeowner, Innkeeper, or a hospitality business owner do you feel your bathrooms needs some type of work or remodel, large or small?

-If you could afford it, what type of work would you want to do?

-Would you do the work yourself, or would you hire someone to do the work?

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