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The Unexpected Journey

Welcome fellow road warriors and Innkeepers. I’m so happy you took the time to join me. In the past 5 years or so my husband and I have joined the ranks of those who have found the secret joy of staying at a bed and breakfast over hotels, and in doing so decided we want to invest in our own B&B.
This was not a journey lightly taken, nor was it one made over night. Like many who travel for various reasons; business or pleasure, we hunted around for bargains, joined loyalty clubs and looked for the free breakfasts, which were very poor quality. After all, you only need a place to sleep. Right?

At the time we became “empty nester” we wanted to lodge with greater comfort. Then we discovered our first Bed and Breakfast, and our second, and third. For about the same price, we had personalized service, goodies, like a warm cookie or glass of wine, a tour of the property and free valet. We found our room at a B&B to be an entirely different caliber. In a spacious room was a large over-stuffed comfortable bed with choice of pillows, crisp white bedding, duvet, and comfy robes. The bathroom was reminiscent of a mini-spa, including a jetted tub, little soaps, bath salts, slippers, shampoo…luxury that we thought was only available in a high-end hotel.

Morning brought with it a sumptuous breakfast; four courses including, eggs made to order breakfast bread, fruit, stuffed French Toast, delicious meat, and coffee. It was then we discovered breakfast comes with dessert! Most of all we enjoyed the friendly innkeepers that we met along the way.

The more B&Bs we stayed at, we found ourselves critiquing them. A few B&Bs were in need of more modern touches, such as WiFi and flatscreen TV, to attract guests. Some B&Bs felt a little dusty and old. We even stayed at what we felt would be the ideal B&B!

Occasionally in one's life the stars align, and that is what happened in our life. My husband and I became empty nester's; we were ready to leave our corporate jobs behind, my husband's barbecuing and grilling skills kicked into high gear, and we hosted our first catering gig for 100 people. We also remodeled our home, and knew DIY was made for us!
The conclusion; purchase our own bed and breakfast, and make it a place inviting for all traveling guests. We are still aspiring Innkeepers, but we haven't given up on the dream. Will it be a challenge? Yes! Are we up to it? We certainly think so!

We have all the right resources in the right place to help you. Whether you are a Traveler, Guest  OR Innkeeper We Can help you Acheive Your Goals



As a team, we are excited to bring to you oodles of exciting information, resources and fresh ideas for your favorite Bed and Breakfast. We are in the process of adding all kinds of exciting ideas and information so please check back often, and leave us comments on what you like and what you would want to see. If you can dream it we can bring it to you.

Michelle and Keith B&B Yond…

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